Superannuation Compliance

Superannuation Funds are one of the most regulated areas of business today.  The regulators impose serious fines and/or imprisonment to Trustees for certain offences relating to the administration of the Fund.

This combined with the prospect of having a non-complying Fund, could mean that your hard earned investment dollars are being depleted by higher taxes and your Fund may not be able to accept SGC contributions.

Champion's is able to advise you what your obligations are in respect of administration of your Fund and assist you in meeting them.

Our services include:

  • Preparation of Statutory Financial Statements
  • Investment Summary Reports
  • Preparation of Income Tax Returns
  • Maintenance of Statutory Records
  • Management of Audit Function
  • Superannuation Surcharge lodgement
  • Pension Calculations; and
  • General business and compliance advice

Given the Fund is an integral part of your retirement and estate planning, we maintain ongoing relationships with your financial planners and estate planning specialists to ensure your fund is meeting its goals.

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