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Management Advisory

Champion's, is not unlike your business, we have goals, targets and objectives just like you.  In this way, we understand what it is like to manage and run a successful operation.  As business owners, we take time out of our business, to work on our business, and encourage our clients to do the same.  This is an important part of management.

In order to do this, you need information, analysis and a forum to discuss issues.

In conjunction with our management accounting and budgeting services we are able to provide meaningful financial information for analysis and comparison.  We look at key indicators and trends and discuss these in the context of your operating environment.

We set aside several hours or a day as the case may be, either monthly or quarterly or as needed, to review finances, strategic plans, discuss opportunities and threats, or simply talk about burning issues that are relevant to you and your business.

Often clients like to meet as a board, so that the management team can be present and discuss issues in an open forum.  Our experience across many business sectors combined with our sound knowledge of your business, allows us to participate in a coaching or mentoring capacity, to allow free flow of ideas and open discussion on issues.

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