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Why Work at Champions?

At Champions we believe it is important to have a balance between work, life and study and we provide the following benefits to make your career at Champion's enjoyable and manageable.

Study Leave

We understand at Champion's that our Cadets have a lot of pressure at university and to assist with balancing university with work we provide paid study leave.

Our undergraduate support gives team members generous study leave. This includes a half day off per week during the semester to attend University and your study leave is calculated on a semester by semester basis (summer school is included as a semester) as well as time for studying and sitting exams.

Our graduate support also gives team members generous study leave and financial assistance with course fees to pursue post graduate studies, including the CA and CPA Programs.

Book Allowance

We support our undergraduates by reimbursing university text book costs to a maximum amount of $175 per subject per semester on presentation of receipts.

Training & Development

We live and work in a dynamic environment.  Compliance is becoming more and more complex every day.  We need to stay competitive and provide clients with more value added services which is why Champion's provide structured training for all team members.  Click here to find out more.

Social Events

Champion's prides itself on providing a healthy social environment. This social interaction fosters open communication across all levels and between all team members, from Director to Cadet.  Click here to find out more.

CA Sporting Events

As with many of our peers, from time to time Champion's has entered teams into various social events such as the ICAA Touch Football Competition.  

These fun events give us an excuse to get out and have a bit of fun while keeping fit.  Definitely no pre-requisite of skills are required when attending one of these events.

Food Glorious Food

Champion's provide all their team with fresh fruit every week as well as juice, soft drink and filtered water.

We also cater to those with a sweet tooth by having lollies every Friday afternoon.

When you commence work at Champion's we organise a "welcome" morning tea which gives everyone an opportunity to meet you.

We enjoy monthly lunches where all our team can interact, have a bite to eat and share a joke or two.

For each staff member's birthday we supply a birthday cake for all the team to share - yummy!

Show Me the Money

At Champion's we ensure all of our team members are remunerated to reward their hard work and dedication.

  • Salaries are reviewed regularly and we ensure they are aligned with market rates.
  • On the spot bonuses are also awarded throughout the year to recognise special efforts.


All Champion's staff are entitled to 5 weeks annual leave per annum after completing 12 months of service (the normal 4 weeks statutory leave applies prior to completion of 12 months).  This is an additional week compared to what most employers offer.  Subject to approval, holidays can be taken at any time of the year.

Other benefits

  • All qualified professional staff will have the joining and annual membership fee for the Institute of Chartered Accountants paid by the firm.
  • Every Friday is Mufti Day at Champion's
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