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At Champion's we are always on the look out for motivated individuals who are willing to learn and grow within our friendly and supportive environment where everyone's opinion is valued.

We encourage all employees of the firm to interact with our clients and we provide them with the opportunity to do so.

Each team member is encouraged to grow and to develop their knowledge and position while gaining valuable practical and commercial experience while doing so. More experienced staff are also encouraged to build and manage their own portfolio of clients with assistance from Client Managers and Directors.

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Champion's usually offers a cadetship position each year, with the new cadet commencing at the end of January.
Why work at champions
At Champion's we believe it is important to have a balance between work, life and study. We provide the following benefits to make your career at Champion's enjoyable and manageable.
Some of our team members tell you why they love working here.
Training & Development
Your career as an accountant begins with your University study, continues with your work and is grounded by your continuing professional education.
Social Activities
Champion's prides itself on providing a healthy social environment. This social interaction fosters open communication across all levels and between all team members, from the Director to Cadet.
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